Hash Hints

Here are a few suggestions and explanations which may help a newcomer to enjoy the Hash but first and foremost please bear in mind that hashing is supposed to be fun and don’t ever take it seriously.


Transgressions of this and any other “crime” committed during the hash will be drawn to the attention of the RELIGIOUS ADVISOR(RA) who will mete out some dire punishment at the après-hash. It is also the job of the RA to give new hashers a hash handle or hash name. This isn't always an automatic right as it usually requires you to either make a fool of yourself or do or say something that gives the RA suitable information to give you a name loosely based on what occurred or what was said.

You may also be asked to do a WRITE UP of the run (for publication in the Hash Trash). If so, please oblige – it helps everyone to remember where they’ve been and what they did but it doesn’t have to be accurate – let your creative imagination roam free, and never let the truth get in the way of a good story!


Now all you need is to know where your nearest hash is located – the map in this website will help you find one.