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Also known as the 'Drinking Club with a Running Problem', Hash House Harriers are an international network built around the traditional English sport of the paper chase. The objectives of the Hash House Harriers as recorded on the club registration card dated 1950 are: To promote physical fitness among our members. To get rid of weekend hangovers. To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer.

If you like non-competitive running, walking and a little adventure with other sociable people then maybe this is for you.  Hashers are a diverse group of all ages and fitness levels. Each week hashers set out to follow a trail of flour or sawdust 3 – 6 miles and generally end up back to where they started.  A series of short cuts and loops ensure that people of all abilities get around in about the same time. After gathering together at the end, most carry on to the 'On Inn', a local hostelry to recuperate with a drink or two.

All are welcome to join in, so search the Map above to find a group close to you, check out their website to find out which day they run, turn up in running shoes and be willing to join in the fun.

The new UK Directory is map based with links that will take you directly to hash Websites or Facebook groups. It relies on up to date information so if you find a broken link or have an update, please use the Directory Update Form to assist in keeping it current - along with the help of an active UK On Sec of course ;-)

The Events page does what it says on the tin! It lists forthcoming events organised by hashing groups around the country and contains links with further information. To list an event, use the Event Listing Form to promote it on this website.

Details of European and other World wide events will be included when the appropriate details are provided to assist UK hashers, hash abroad.


The website content will constantly evolve with your input, therefore if you think there should be something added, changed or corrected, please click one of the links above to get in contact – your thoughts and constructive comments will always be welcomed.

On On,

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